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Product description

Nissin MF18 ring flash for Canon - flash and continuous light for macro and portrait photographers

Nissin introduces the MF18 ring flash, an exciting tool for Canon photographers and macro photography enthusiasts. The MF18 offers a multitude of professional features and is compatible with lenses of up to 82 mm in diameter. For this purpose, the matching adapters in the sizes 52 mm to 77 mm are included in the delivery. With its round flash tube and LED modelling lamps, extraordinary flash effects as well as continuous light are possible.

For portraits and macro photography
Ring flashes are usually designed for two purposes: portrait photography and macro photography. Because the light source runs around the lens, the light distribution is absolutely even and harmonious. The Nissin MF18 with metal flash shoe is considered a specialist for macro photography and, due to the spatial expansion of the light, produces a soft flash compared to normal clip-on flashes, with an extremely balanced illumination. A slight shading of the light-emitting surface in the entrance area of the flash ensures an even light dispersion over the entire surface of the ring flash attachment, which makes the MF18 a recommendable tool in the field of macro photography.

Anyone who has ever ventured into this "cosmos" with their macro lens will have quickly discovered that illuminating very small objects and living creatures is not easy. The ambient light is usually not sufficient to use small apertures. But these are necessary to achieve a sufficient depth of field in this extreme close-up range. And what does the clever photographer do in this case? He uses a flash. However, the built-in flash or even a clip-on flash is often covered by the lens, so that no light reaches the subject. Even if the flash does reach the subject, the one-sided illumination often creates unsightly shadows. The Nissin MF18 ring flash provides a remedy here. It has a circular flash tube that surrounds the front lens of the lens used. This enables almost shadow-free, very soft illumination of the smallest objects without any problems.

Medical and industrial use
But there are increasingly more uses for ring flashes to the left and right of classical photography. Especially in the medical field, their use is widespread when it comes to detailed and high-resolution images in the fields of dentistry and plastic surgery. Dental medicine serves as an example: the patient is sitting in the treatment chair and the current status of the teeth is to be documented photographically. Now everything should be quick and uncomplicated, but the photographs still have to be perfect. After all, doctors are not trained photographers. Since the Nissin MF18 can be easily and effectively set up to the lighting conditions in the practice via "MyTTL", these settings are then always available to the photographer as standard settings, after all, the lighting conditions in the practice do not usually change.

Flash and continuous light
In practice, impressive macro shots can be created with the Nissin MF18 macro ring flash. The control unit is quickly attached to the flash shoe of the camera body and can be fixed with the knurled screw. It is attached to the lens by means of an adapter ring, which is rotatably connected to the flash unit. After switching on, the flash is ready for use with fresh NiMH batteries after approx. 7 seconds.

The Nissin MF18 has a guide number of 16 (ISO 100), which is ideal for close-up shots even with the smallest apertures. The two individually controllable flash tubes, as well as the four built-in LED modelling lights, ensure the best possible illumination of the macro scene at all times. If more light is needed, the combination with further system flash units can provide relief, because the MF18 can also be used as a control unit for wireless flash control, depending on the connection variant.

High performance, professional features and easy operation
The operation of the Nissin MF18 is simple and effective. Each function is clearly displayed and controlled via the coloured icons on the excellently readable LC display, which makes it easier to handle. Here, there is also the option of high-speed synchronisation as well as what Nissin calls the "MyTTL" calibration option of the flash output by the user. With this function, the user can set his personal preferred flash exposure correction, which is then available to him as standard. If desired, a small second flash with manual power setting can be switched on for indirect flash.

The flash output can be adjusted in "Fine Macro Mode" in 1/6 EV steps from 1/128 to 1/1024 to vividly illuminate and perfectly expose even the finest details of the delicate centipede. The MF18 has also been equipped with a wireless TTL function that allows slave flashes to be used for vividly photographing high-quality macro scenes. In manual mode, the power can be adjusted in 1/3 EV steps from full power down to 1/64.

The flash tube of the Nissin MF18, which is connected to the control unit mounted on the metal hot shoe via a sync cable, can of course also be removed from the camera and positioned freely by hand, which makes the application possibilities extremely flexible. This makes it possible to experiment with light and shadow, because the latter, as is usual with ring flashes, form a contour around the subject when it is very close to a background. The closer the background is to the subject, the more pronounced the shadow becomes; if the background is further away from the subject, the shadow becomes less pronounced.

Power via batteries/rechargeable batteries or external power packs
To ensure that there is enough energy available for long flash sessions, an external power supply can be connected to the Nissin MF18 as an alternative to the four inserted batteries. The Nissin Power Packs PS8 and PS Pro 300 are ideally suited for this purpose.


  • Illumination or automatic flash reflector adjustment: 80°
  • Guide number (at ISO 100): 16
  • Flash firing time: 1.4 ms (approx. 1/700 s)
  • Wireless flash operation (remote operation) as control unit (master): supports master and slave control in TTL mode
  • Modeling light: LED
  • Colour temperature: 5600 K
  • Flash tube ratio: 1:8 to 1:1 to 8:1
  • Flash range: approx. 20 mm to 5.5 m
  • Display and control: colour display with automatic rotation

technical Data

  • Functions
    • Slave Function
    • Yes
    • Manual Setting
    • Yes
  • Power Supply
    • Energy Supply
    • Rechargeable Batteries / Batteries
    • Type of Battery / Rechargeable Battery
    • AA (Mignon) / NiMH
    • Required Number
    • 4
  • Technical Data
    • Connection for
    • Canon
    • Guide Number (at ISO 100)
    • 16
    • Exposure Control
    • TTL
    • Flash Head Swivelable
    • No
    • Max. Number of Flashes
    • 800
  • Type
    • Type
    • Ring-/Macro Flash
  • General
    • Colour
    • Black
    • Weight (g)
    • 446

suitable accessories

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